Interior and Exterior Home and Office Remodeling

  • Kitchen Remodeling

    BP Home Remodeling is a full service home improvement and home remodeling company serving Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. We specialize in home renovations including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home interior and exterior renovations and custom sunrooms and decks.

    If you need a new kitchen installation or kitchen remodeling, our home remodeling experts are here to assist you throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

    Relax and let our expert bathroom designers and builders create your dream bathroom. we will work with you from start to finish to create a modern and fashionable bathroom design. We guarantee the quality of our work 100% and we promise to deliver every project on time and on budget.

    Call us today to see how we can help you rennovate your kitchen or bath. We will provide you with your dream kitchen or bathroom with the utmost quality craftsmanship and professionalism.

  • New Construction

    If you’re searching for a trusted, experienced contractor to build your home or renovate your home exterior in Chicago, look no further.

    At BP Remodelers, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your home construction needs.

    Using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we will build a beautiful home for you and your family.

  • Masonry Constrution

    BP Construction and home Remodelers have been constructing masonry (stone, block and brick) and remodeling new and existing commercial and residential properties for many years now.

    At BP Remodeling, masonry work is one of our specialites. Our team of talented masonry professionals have handled all types of masonry work throughout these years and they are konwn for their excellence in masonry construction.